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7 Hydrating Drinks to Beat the Summer Heat

With the increasing summer temperatures, it is so important to stay hydrated not only to quench your thirst but also to stay active and have enough energy throughout the day, especially when you're outside. While drinking lots of water is an excellent way to stay hydrated, there are also many healthy and delicious beverages that can also be satisfying and serve as an alternative to the glass of cold water with ice. Here are 7 hydrating options that provide electrolytes, vitamins, minerals and flavors!

1. Lemon Water: Stay hydrated by adding lemon to your water for a splash of flavor and a dose of Vitamin C! If you're feeling fancy, try adding lime!

2. Milk: Believe it or not, milk is actually very hydrating, as it has a natural combination of carbs, proteins, and sodium that help you retain fluids.

3. Coconut Water: A low calorie hydrating option is coconut water. It is energizing and rich in potassium!

4. Cucumber juice: Vegetable juices are excellent for hydration, and cucumbers are one of the most hydrating, as they are made up of 90% water!

5. Watermelon: Perhaps this one is more for eating than for drinking, but watermelon is also mostly made up of water, making it a super hydrating fruit.

6. Beet juice: Refreshing and hydrating!

7. Fruit Infused Water: Add your favorite seasonal fruits and berries to a pitcher or jar and fill it with water. Keep hydrated and enjoy throughout the day!

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